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celebrate yourself wildly

Your relationship with yourself is the generating source of all other relationships in your life. You attract and are attracted to others based on the health of your relationship to yourself and the learning and growing experiences you need at the time.

Working as mirrors in which to see yourself, every relationship you’re engaged with is there to show and teach you something. If you are struggling with heartache, pain or wanting more, work to integrate the lessons your relationships are teaching you. As you heal and grow within yourself, your relationships on the outside will begin to heal and grow as well. Often this is a co-collaborative process with those you love, but if not, the growth may need to be achieved by the concluding of those relationships and the attraction of new relationships that reflect your present level of healing and consciousness.

Boldly embrace whatever you are experiencing. Each and every piece of it serves to make you more.

Dearest You,

Embrace the wonder that is you wholeheartedly. Celebrate yourself wildly. Your honor and passion for yourself will attract the same energy from life. Don't neglect this part - it is the prerequisite for all other great love and adventure.



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