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prioritize lovingly

We habitually tell ourselves "there is not enough time". Technically there are limited hours in linear time, but what if rather than seeing this as a stressor, you embraced this as an opportunity to strengthen your connection to yourself?

Examine today's to-do list. Is it reflective of what matters most to you? If not, what are you allowing to drive how you organize and spend your time and energy?

The conflicts we have with time are less a function of there not being enough of it and more a reflection of not resolving internal conflicts between ego (the insecure part of our personalities driving us to constantly prove our worth and value) and our soul (which knows what best serves and enlightens us).

The heart of the stress is that in order to have time to say yes to experiences that are in alignment with your priorities, and that nourish and rejuvenate, you have to allow yourself permission to say no to other opportunities.

If you allow yourself permission to say yes to yourself and no to external distractions, if you allow yourself permission to be who and as you are right now, if you prioritize your time and energy accordingly... then isn't it relatively easy to connect to the abundance of time available to you right now?

Dearest You,

I hear you lament, "There's not enough time." It hurts watching you push yourself so hard for endeavors that often don't feed or nourish you meaningfully.

Consider that the point and value of limited time is to inspire you to prioritize lovingly. You have permission to pursue that which fulfills you and to say no to anything else.



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