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the way back to love

Over scheduled and under rested, there is consistent pressure to DO more in life. Anxious busyness is rationalized by insisting there is a list of things that has to be done or justified out of the compassionate drive to take care of others. More often than not, though, the actual driving force is the fear-based part of your personality called ego. Ego is the real influence pushing you to moreproductivity, more accomplishments, more credentials. The ego is terrified of not being good enough and frantically tries to fend off any risk of being rejected. Unable to connect to the authenticity of self or soul, the ego clings to external measures to justify its existence and worthiness. Since the ego only knows fear, left to its own devices, it can never find that which it needs most: Love. As much heartache as the ego causes, the reality is that it can be your greatest teacher. If you want relief from the angst, the only option is stop seeking OUTSIDE yourself and start turning inward, being present and connecting with your authentic self—your intuition—your soul. Release the fantasy that you will feel better or be better once ______ happens or is done, and relax into the imperative truth that you are already there. You are worthy. You are lovable. You are enough. In this moment, rich with life and authenticity, everything you want to connect with is available to you. Allow it. Life is filled with noise and distraction intended to challenge you and provide you with opportunities for growth. It’s easy to fill your days up with so much external clutter that you do not have to face what is going on within you. However, in order to strengthen your relationship with yourself, you must slow down enough to allow space for understanding and becoming conscious of the dynamics creating your experiences and perceptions. Dearest You and Me seeks to remind you of what you already know but might sometimes forget: The way back home, the way to You, the way to Love.

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