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deepest desires

In an effort to protect ourselves, we often hesitate to speak the truths of our heart. Afraid that sharing how we feel, what we want or what we dream about will make us subject to criticism, rejection or failure. However, instead of keeping us "safe", this avoidance of vulnerability is actually keeping us from connecting with others, including ourselves. Playing small does not generate authentic peace or security. It leaves us feeling alone and unfulfilled because we are demonstrating to ourselves and the universe that we do not deserve more. Lovingly risk opening up about your hopes, daydreams, and longings. The energy in doing so will make available to you the people and opportunities in alignment with what you seek and that which you are intended to experience and grow into in this life.

Dearest You,

Do not be afraid to disclose to yourself and others your deepest desires and dreams.

How else will you find your way to the people and places your greatness intends you to meet?



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