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different isn't difficult

It is incredibly common to habitually say out loud that it is “easier” to stay in the status quo. However, if your awareness is being directed to circumstances that are causing you suffering, I assure you that it is not EASIER to prolong your pain. While making a change of jobs, relationships, cities, practices, etc. may require energy to face your fears and limiting beliefs, seek new perspectives, and take action to step into new chapters of life, you will gain immensely in relationship to yourself by doing so. Those insights, skills and confidence will serve you for the rest of your life.

The change process will have a beginning and an end. If you keep moving you absolutely will get to the other side of the transition. However, your current circumstances remain the same indefinitely without action.

In order for things to change, you have to change something.

Just because something is more familiar to you, it never means it's inherently easier. Think of all the things you once did not allow yourself or know that you were capable of. Was it easier to navigate life without those skills and awareness? Even though growth takes effort and potentially risk on your part, isn’t it ultimately easier to consciously craft your relationship to yourself and life?

Please stop limiting what you believe is possible for you.


Dearest You,

Please take care to not confuse the word “harder” for that which is simply unfamiliar to you.



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