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playtime's NOT over

Inundated with messages to do and accomplish more, it is easy to get caught up in taking life more seriously than it often warrants. The subconscious belief is that a serious attitude will somehow be more responsible, industrious and successful. However, in actuality the stress of carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulder is exhausting, and the fear it connects with suffocates the creative and dynamic potentials of the individual.

Playful energy is lighter, and as it taps into love, it is able to regenerate itself in ways that fear based energies cannot. Reconsider the assumption that serious is more noble or productive than playful. Mindful, present playfulness will yield all the same gains, if not more, while connecting you with the vitality of life.

Looking at your plans for today, find at least one opportunity to give yourself permission to meet a plan/task/goal/to-do with fun, playfulness, curiosity, creativity and the release of all fear. Depending on how often you allow yourself this type of experience, don’t be surprised if it reinvigorates or energizes you in ways you don’t expect or haven’t experienced in quite some time.


Dearest You,

Play more. Lots more. All the practice of seriousness doesn't often lead to much that truly matters. The pull to be "serious” is generally leveraged by fear, which constricts and thwarts your powerful life force – LOVE.



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