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conscious interplay

Connection and support from those close to you is immensely powerful and rewarding. However, it is not meant to diminish your awareness and celebration of your relationship to yourself. Share, grow and collaborate with others while still holding space to pursue your interests and dreams, including those that differ from the people you hold dear.

As people cultivate closeness, it can be tricky to navigate a balance of interdependence that fosters intimacy without alienating oneself from his or her individuality. Practice honoring who you are and the self-awareness you have when you are single or on your own even in connection to others. You can embrace and express gratitude for others’ valuable roles in your life without becoming insecure about who you are or your capacity for self-reliance.

It’s in maintaining who you are as an individual that you bring the most interesting, dynamic and empowering potential to relationships. Joining with others ought to encourage the best of who you are, not dilute your unique qualities.


Dearest You,

You can celebrate your self-sufficiency without diminishing the importance of others' contributions to your life.

It is healthy and loving to be anchored in your independence and autonomy. Everything you need is within you, always.

Love, Me

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