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life is transitory

Our brains are wired to first and foremost keep us safe and out of danger. The trouble is that in today’s modern world the anxiety center of the brain isn’t terribly sophisticated. It too frequently reacts to stimuli as if it threatens imminent harm when that is rarely, if ever, what we are up against. To manage this hyperawareness of the brain, it is valuable to critically evaluate whether or not defensiveness against—including avoidance of—a perceived threat, pain or unknown scenario is really in your best interest.

Often, anything unknown is automatically and inaccurately labeled as unsafe relative to the known. Yet, if we avoided everything we did not understand or feel confident about, there would be absolutely no opportunity for growth or adventure.

What is more, many times some of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in life involve pain—engaging the physical capacity of your body may result in physical pain of muscle soreness and development, loving someone risks the heartache of losing someone, taking a chance involves the potential of being disappointed—and yet we engage in these experiences time and time again.

Be mindful of relying on your intuition more often than the fear-based part of your brain to determine that which you want to be protective and leery of, and that which is actually your opportunity for growth and enlightenment.


Dearest You,

Do not assume that something seemingly painful is inherently bad for you. All of the experiences are temporary and each is designed for your ultimate benefit and growth.



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