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create connection to feeling

Moments in life are so emotionally compelling that it’s easy to ascribe credit for that particular feeling to the person, place or thing you’re engaged with. Indeed, certain circumstances and individuals tend to inspire various feelings, but make no mistake, you are always the one deciding—consciously or unconsciously—how you are going to feel. You can be in the middle of paradise with your favorite people and choose to be scared or disconnected. You can be facing great stress and choose to be centered in your power and opportunity.

If you overlook this authority that you have, you’re likely to feel overly anxious about the loss of whatever person, place or thing it is you attribute “positive” feelings towards, or you may feel anxious if you assume you are stuck with whatever person, place or thing you attribute “negative” feelings towards.

Generally this awareness is not something we are taught growing up, so it’s a skill set that must be developed consciously. No doubt, in the beginning it will feel challenging, if not seemingly impossible in the most difficult of experiences. However, do not accept these fear based assumptions that undermine your power. Mindfulness practice, such as meditation, will allow you to access the control you have over your experience. Acknowledging that you decide how you feel empowers you to stay centered within yourself and conscious of your magic as the creator of your life’s narration.


Dearest You,

When you feel safe or loved, the person giving you that feeling is you. Other people may encourage and inspire feelings, but you create, allow or defend against connection to those energies.



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