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Remember, simply connecting with fear does not in and of itself mean that you are in danger or harm's way. Fear is activated for a number of reasons, including nearly anytime you dare to step into the unknown or unfamiliar. Therefore, it's important to cultivate a healthy and managed relationship to the energy of fear. Recognize and embrace it without allowing fear to take over your behavior or prevent you from pursuing your growth, dreams and passions.

Bravery is not about vanquishing fear. Bravery is about experiencing the energy of fear and proceeding intentionally anyways.

In the entire history of the universe, there has never been a moment of bravery that didn't begin with the feeling of fear, see bravery: noun brav·ery \ˈbrāv-rē, ˈbrā-və-\ : the quality that allows someone to do things that are dangerous or frightening (Merriam-Webster).


Dearest You,

Fear is always a prerequisite to bravery.



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