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Keep in mind that the brain is first and foremost wired to keep you alive, so it is hyper vigilant for any signs of “danger.” Unfortunately, the anxiety center of the brain is not terribly sophisticated in differentiating what is actually imminent danger and what is simply novel, unexpected, out of your comfort zone, etc. Left to its own devices, the untrained mind will hold on tight to anything that seems like it could hurt you and overlook safe and positive energy. This bias towards fear will tend to keep you closed off and on guard. With mindfulness practices, you can train yourself to be more balanced and centered in love. As you become increasingly conscious of the way in which fear is limiting you, you can strengthen your ability to align yourself with your higher consciousness and remain open to the flow of energy, regardless of external circumstances. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do this is through laughter. No matter your energy state, if you allow yourself to laugh, immediately you will see the openness and potential shifts available to you. Play with this.


Dearest You,

Laughter-the fastest way to open and liberate your heart. Use often and generously.



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