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consider all of you

A deeply loving, meaningful and healthy experience of yourself and of life requires collaborative relationships between mind-body-spirit. Neglect of any one part will create imbalance that cannot be mitigated by the overdevelopment of another.

Based on influences of how we are socialized, how we view ourselves, and what limiting beliefs about ourselves we subscribe to, there tends to be dimensions we feel more comfortable with and others we shy away from.

Is it easier for you to make time to exercise than it is for you to make time to be still and meditate? Do you prefer to read and study inspiring works more than implement what they teach? Do you lean towards caretaking of others before you set aside time to cook yourself a healthy meal or get yourself a massage?

Consider how balanced your time, consideration and care is for the various dimensions of yourself. Challenge yourself to a week of practices that honor the whole you and see the difference it makes in how you experience life.


Dearest You,

While we exist in the physical realm, spirit is dependent upon its partnership with the human body.

Respect this symbiosis with equal care for each.



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