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all of you

We are generally conditioned to believe that we are safest and most likely to be lovable if we keep ourselves neatly presented and politely fit between the lines of life. As a result, there is often shame and anxiety associated with any parts of self associated with being “wrong”, messy, mistaken, unknown, unhappy, etc., and we walk around hiding these parts of ourselves and our lives from the majority of the rest of the world.

Here’s what pains me most about this dynamic—The magic happens in the messy, creative, emotionally vulnerable parts of self and life. This is where the greatest potential for growth, insight and healing resides. Further, it’s where the most profound opportunity for connection with others, as well as with yourself, lives.

Please resist the urge to abandon these precious pieces of your narrative or conceal them from the world. The courage to embrace the whole human self empowers not only you, but provides permission for others to do the same.

If people understood that they could talk to each other as vulnerably and honestly as I witness them talk to me in the private sanctuary of the therapeutic relationship, love, healing and empowerment for self-actualization would overtake us all.


Dearest You,

Your story is most powerful and profound as a complete narrative. Please don’t abandon, reject or attempt to skip any chapters.



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