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open to love

Right this very moment, exactly as you are, you are worthy of love. It doesn’t matter if you’ve brushed your teeth yet, if your to-do list got done yesterday, how much money you have in the bank, whether you’re working your dream job, or if you’ve met your fitness goals. None of these things external from you impact the merits of your lovability.

The one and only thing that can limit your connection to love, is the choice you make to either be open and vulnerable or closed and guarded. In much the same way that the sun is shining every day, but you have the capacity to close or open the curtains where you live, love is available to you each and every moment. If you’re not connecting with this energy, it absolutely isn’t because of your worthiness or love’s accessibility. Rather, it’s that you are not allowing yourself to open up and relax into the warm, authentic love that awaits you.

If you generally do allow your heart center to be open to receive love, I invite you challenge yourself to open more and more and more and more. There is infinite love available always.


Dearest You,

You are worthy just as you are.

Don’t be afraid to relax into love.



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