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communal roots

The trajectory of how we’ve organized ourselves socially has created the illusion that somehow it’s better, safer or more valiant to manage the bulk of our lives on our own. Yet this isn’t what we originated from. Our roots are in community based living, where collaboration and interdependence were normative.

I would argue that our psyches and souls aren’t meant to exist alone on independent islands and that our industrialized society has created a deeply mistaken undervaluing of connection and community.

Let’s be mindful of the fear-based ego’s resistance to being vulnerable enough to ask for help and the ways in which our social assumptions perpetuate anxiety about needing one another. Remember that we are only limited by what we believe, and if we consciously decide to open ourselves up to relating meaningfully with each other and valuing healthy interdependence that the collective unconscious of the whole will follow.

Give yourself permission to want and seek connection and overtly give this same permission to those around you. There is no reason for you to ever feel or go it alone.


Dearest You,

You never have to do it all by yourself.




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