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You wouldn’t plant a seed and then proceed to poke it around in the dirt every hour to see if it was “working”. Instead, you bury the seed, uphold your end of the responsibilities, and trust that over time the interplay between the intelligence of the seed and the diligence of your care will yield a co-creation of life reflective of both your efforts and energies.

The same is true for the change process in life, especially in regards to relationships with others and yourself. So often I witness people criticizing and abandoning their creative potentials before they even have a chance to start. The fear of disappointment, failure and pain creates defenses eager to thwart optimism and the magic of vulnerability.

Please practice loving support and patience. Know that growth and evolution generally involve a few steps forward and a couple steps back means of progress. Don’t poke at your ambitions and give up on them if they don’t appear to yield results RIGHT NOW. Select a window of time (a month, six months, a year, a decade, three decades…) that is appropriate relative to what you are trying to cultivate and assess the overall growth across that time span rather than becoming discouraged with the moment-by-moment data.

You and life have infinite potential. Don’t allow hastiness to interfere with actualizing this truth.


Dearest You,

Don’t monitor or critique the start of any change process too closely (daily or hourly). Rather, watch and assess for overall trends across larger periods (months or quarters). Evolution takes effort and time. Allow for both.



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