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let it flow

Life is a complex weave of energy and emotion with many variables beyond your control. There will inevitably be occurrences that legitimately scare you or break your heart. There is no authentic way to avoid experiencing pain in life.

However, it is not ever the pain that you ultimately need to be concerned about. It’s the reflex to constrict and resist the flow of energy that will generate anxiety and deep, long-standing suffering.

The energy of defending against acceptance of changing dynamics and circumstances locks the pain within your body and deprives you of your capacity to exist in the present.

No matter what pain might be moving through you right now—loss, disappointment, uncertainty…—take a deep breath, relax your muscle tension, and open your heart center. Experience the difference between allowing painful energy to move fluidly through you relative to the feeling of locking up and carrying the burden of resisting the inevitable flow of life.


Dearest You,

ACCEPTANCE: instantly relieves the lion’s share of anxiety and suffering.



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