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exclusively yours

This truth is so imperative to understand that it’s nearly impossible to narrow down and select the right words to convey the magnitude of the matter.

The essence is this: Your being is energy consisting of both infinite love and infinite potential. Your human form and personality on this earthly plane are easily confused about this, and that may be much of the entire point of being here in the first place.

You are here to discover the magic and fortitude of both your soul and of love. Anytime you shrink or fear your worthiness or potential, remember that’s the tricky nature of the human ego and the challenge of the adventure.

Consciously acknowledge that the greatest interference in your life comes not from what you innately deserve, but from persistent and irrational fear-based assumptions that you aren’t worthy of all that life has to offer.

This life is yours. YOURS. It, and every dream, passion, and leap you can imagine are there for your creative experience, growth and thrill. Boldly own this life and your right to it.

This life is meant for you my dear.



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