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relax into groundlessness

Driven so powerfully by the desire to be loved, it makes sense that anxiety is the knee jerk reaction to certain types of change. Ego is at the ready to fear that relationships are ending, jobs are changing, plans are falling through or doors are seemingly closing because of not being good enough or worthy. To stop at this level of awareness empowers defenses to shore things up by digging in feet and resisting what may feel like rejection or inadequacy.

When I experience these fears, I imagine what perceptions a caterpillar in a cocoon might have (assuming of course that all life has consciousness). If she lacks awareness of the inevitable evolution she is in, she must feel utter panic at the initial claustrophobia and then groundlessness of being completely uncontained and unfamiliar in her new body. Can you conceive of how needlessly she could overwhelm herself with fear while the most magical changes of her life are unfolding?

This empathetic daydreaming helps us to remember how easy it is to unnecessarily become fearful when life changes without yet revealing all the ways in which it is shifting to ultimately serve us beyond our wildest dreams.


Dearest You,

As a cocoon is outgrown, it breaks open to set free a new stage of life, so don’t be scared as circumstances that no longer serve you fall away.



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