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you get all of them

Connection to the emotional energies of life is inherent to being human, and each person accesses the gamut of emotions regardless of whether or not it’s recognized consciously. It’s part of the same principles of energetic experiences that keep your heart beating or your lungs breathing independent of whether or not you give it deliberate attention.

When people say they “aren’t emotional” or don’t have any feelings about a significant experience in their lives, what they are describing isn't a truth about their capacity for emotion, but rather their disconnect from consciousness.

This disconnect happens for a number of reasons including as a defense against emotions a person hasn’t yet learned to understand or cultural shame or discouragement from being “emotional”. The consequences for such misunderstandings are significant; some of the most destructive of which are defenses against the vitality of life, a limited ability for connection and intimacy with others, and painful somatic experiences in the body.

Never resist your emotional feelings or feel ashamed or embarrassed by them. All feelings are important feedback signals that can lead you toward your greatest insights and healing.

If you are among one of the many who feel lost about how to feel, start by noticing where you recognize certain sensations in the body during energetically charged experiences. Is it tightness in the chest? …tension in the arms? …a knot in your stomach? Meet the feeling in the physical body and allow it to flow through you without pressure initially to name or understand it. If you find the mind arguing, “But I don’t know what it is!”—sit with it longer, have patience. Your emotional intelligence is intrinsically within you, at the heart of your being. I promise you aren’t without it and you can never lose it.


Dearest You,

You’re human.

You inherently feel all the feels.

Honor this.



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