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seek the quiet wherever it may be

Most of us live lives so over stimulating that finding the peace available in quiet and stillness is something we have to deliberately make time for. As if the very experience of calming the mind wasn’t reinforcing enough, there’s increasingly abundant scientific research validating the measurable neurological and biological benefits of mindfulness practices.

Most of the research is conducted regarding meditation specifically, and while I wholeheartedly encourage this practice, let’s not overlook related activities that can access similar healing and restorative benefits.

My favorite sister to meditation is kayaking. It’s the combination of factors—the inability to “do” anything other than “be” on the kayak, the connection and accessibility to nature, the oneness of mind-body-environment in concert, and the relief of water moving energy through me. Nothing is more soothing and invigorating to my soul.

What’s your “thing” that helps you to quiet the stressful chatter of the mind? Let’s leave a list here for others to find should they need it.


Dearest You,

Find the thing that allows your mind to quiet and deliberately choose to do that thing regularly.



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