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simply be you

We have access to more information, opportunities and one another than ever before, and while that has amazing benefits, I am also concerned about the pitfalls. If we aren’t centered in ourselves and secure in the consciousness that our worthiness is our birthright, not something we earn or prove, then all of this access is medium for anxiety of the ego.

How many articles, video clips, social media posts, Pinterest ideas, etc. have prompted you to think that there is more you could be doing or better ways in which to do it? How much of that has created a sense of stress, inadequacy and subtle (or not so subtle) judgment of yourself?

When you encounter nudges for change, please notice how and what you narrate to yourself about it. Clearly I am enthusiastic for growth and evolution, but only from the energy of love and in ways that are healthy and manageable.

You are enough exactly as you are in this moment. Seek growth and change because it will bring you relief and happiness, not because you are ashamed of how you are presently. Further, please only attempt to change one or two things at a time. Trying to initiate a massive overhaul of yourself, your relationships or your life all at once will only leave you feeling depleted and frustrated, and there is no need for or value in that.


Dearest You,

So much injury comes to your relationship with yourself because of your fear that you need to do and be all the things. You are already enough. When you’re inspired to grow and change, please only focus on one or two things at a time.



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