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love for you orlando

The notion that we need to guard against one another rather than be predominately open, is a symptom of how ingrained it is to be driven by fear more than love. The intent of the message “don’t talk to strangers” is well meaning, but in actuality, such a generalized sentiment is misplaced, confuses our senses, and exacerbates us versus them mentalities.

Let’s stop being distracted with anxiety about our differences and focus on building community, trust and safety by demonstrating that the majority of us are moving through life lovingly and consciously.

Let’s teach our children to recognize specific unsafe situations and how to handle them without costing them the opportunity to feel supported, loved and embraced by the world at large.

If we all agree to be open and vulnerable with one another, rather than fearing each other, we will realize that we are more alike than different. We will come to understand and embrace our differences, not as something to be scared of, but as something to be celebrated in co-creating this spectacular fabric of life. By communicating and sharing our authentic selves, the misperceptions and misconceptions we carry about others, and those they carry about us, will soon evaporate.

We are all deeply connected, always. Don’t limit your giving and receiving of love to the people you already know. In your neighborhood, at school, at your place of business, in the grocery store, and everywhere else, you have countless opportunities to make eye contact, smile, acknowledge and generate the energy of love with those you encounter.

Imagine the difference we could make today if we all just talked to each other.

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