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time flies fast enough

Time flies fast enough without our assistance.

Reevaluate whether your choice to hurry through your morning, through work, through dinner, through bed-time stories, etc. is serving your quality of life or preventing you from the most important experience of life: being present.

Too often we convince ourselves that if we just get x, y, or z finished, we'll finally be able to enjoy ourselves. But life is happening right now, this moment, regardless of what needs to be done, or what you're doing. Life also has a way of presenting us with endless appointments to keep, tasks to be completed, and goals to achieve. There is and always will be the next something.

More often than not the energy devoted to hurrying doesn’t improve our efficiencies as much as it generates greater stress and anxiety. Not only does that make rushing ineffective, but also if we hurry through the day waiting to get to the good part, we ultimately miss what’s right in front of us, which is everything.


Dearest You,

Reconsider the real function of “hurrying” and whether it actually facilitates your time management or just decreases your quality of life.



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