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prioritize passion

When was the last time you felt truly excited and inspired by an idea? What dream or activity innately stirs energy up from the core of your being?

What have you done with that idea? How often are you allowing yourself to connect with that inspired creative energy?

These moments strike us all at various points in our lives and yet we often let them fall away. Access to the vitality of life is never the issue; it’s whether our fear-based egos will let us dare to engage those dreams or value the process independent of whether it “makes sense”, is “productive” or meets any achievement “goals.”

It’s challenging to hold space for that which inspires us when there are so many competing practical demands that our ego is certain will make us feel like better, worthy-enough people. We must allow ourselves to remember that creative energy IS the life force. Connecting creatively with life doesn’t need to come at the expense of anything else, because prioritizing time to recharge with it empowers us to be more present and engaged with all dimensions of life.

If you were to carve out a little time this weekend to reconnect with your passions, what would you be doing?


Dearest You,

What were you passionate about that you let life slip away?



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