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time flows

What four things are most important to you in your life? What percentage of your days is spent with those?

Time truly is our most precious commodity, and what’s more, none of us have any idea how much of it we have left. To ensure that the busy demands of life aren’t unconsciously hijacking your life, consider these practices:

  1. Frequently assess your daily calendars and to-do’s to see if your allotment of time is in alignment with your real wants, needs and values. If there is imbalance, ask yourself what is driving you to spend your time in ways that aren’t serving your highest priorities. Is there room to let go of fears or beliefs that are misguiding you?

  2. Make sure fear reflexes to play small or be “nice girls” and “good boys” aren’t leading you to say yes when you know you want to say no. Challenge fear-based ego’s insistence for people pleasing, knowing that your worth and value has nothing to do with any of that.

  3. Perhaps most significantly, take inventory of the thoughts you allow your mind to consume. The mind is narrating to you constantly, and those thoughts set the stage for how you feel and perceive every moment of your life. If you were to play your thoughts out loud for the rest of the world to hear, would they represent what you want to feel, experience, believe, and emphasize in life? If not, fire your narrator! You’re in charge of who is speaking up there. Only employ the most loving, hopeful and authentically driven voices.


Dearest You,

Time is the currency of life. Pay close attention to how you spend and give it away.



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