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boss aka tony danza

One of the best—and most confusing—parts of being an adult is that you now have complete authority over your life. There’s an intellectual part of you that of course mostly understands this, but within your consciousness resides all the younger versions of you too. As a child, you were dependent upon the adults in your life to be in charge, and for better or for worse, you were at the mercy of their choices and the allowances they made for what you experienced and what was possible for you. In response, you developed your own tools and means for navigating with and/or around these keepers of power.

It’s imperative to be aware of this and to consciously make the shift from being the child subjected to authority to the adult who manages power. Be thankful for whatever skill sets you gained that served you as a child, but realize that as an adult, any of those skills that fall under the category “play small to stay safe”, will only get in your way.

Misunderstanding your capacity to author and be responsible for your life will leave you endlessly frustrated, anxious, resentful and entrenched in codependent relationships that diminish the potential of everyone involved.

Embrace the infinite possibilities of consciously being the boss of permission and creative control in your life.


Dearest You,

LIFEHACK: You are in charge of writing your permission slips for life. There’s no need to wait on anyone else’s again!



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