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wake up calls

Have you ever felt frustrated by your feelings of anxiety and distress? Do you lose patience for your process and belittle yourself for succumbing to feelings that are “negative”?

A pitfall of trying to live a conscious life is that sometimes there’s a misperception that if you’re experiencing anything other than love, light and happiness, that you’re doing something “wrong” and that if you were enlightened enough, none of the “bad” feelings would affect you.

Remember that there are no “bad” or wrong feelings— energy is neutral and you attach the meaning. All emotional energy has a function and is here to serve you. Trying to resist these forces only limits what you allow yourself to learn and grow from.

Often, if you are feeling an anxious restlessness in your life, which can be as overt as a panic attack or as subtle as vague dissatisfaction, what may very well be happening is that your highest Self is trying to get your attention. It’s trying to WAKE YOU UP to reconnect with yourself, to see where you aren’t living in alignment with your real wants and needs, and to create enough discomfort to compel you to move into something different.

Don’t bemoan or resist any feelings. Trust that all of them are here to offer you gifts of insight and they will generally move on once you consciously receive what it is they intend to bring.


Dearest You,

Come to recognize when “anxiety” is actually the restlessness of your soul calling you to come back to life and awaken your consciousness.



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