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clouds always part

Much of what drive us to play small is the fear that should we be or change too much, we will disrupt any tentative hold we have on being safe and being loved.

The truth is that your connection to love is anything but fragile. You ARE love. No matter what happens, you cannot change the nature of your being. Love is you, and your access to it is permanent and infinite.

Whatever changes you are in the midst of, whatever dreams you are hesitant to engage with, your soul implores you to show up boldly, speak fully from your heart, and engage vivaciously with life.

The nature of not knowing what the next moment brings means that there will be times when you can’t anticipate outcomes, times that it seems you’re in the dark, moments when you feel scared, alone or maybe even rejected. However, these are just momentary phases and illusions.

No matter how dark or deep the storm clouds in the sky, you never doubt that the sky is still there and will be revealed again shortly. The same is true for love. It is constant. It is yours. It is you. Never limit yourself out of fear of losing you—living wholeheartedly is the only way you get to you.


Dearest You,

As the weather (life) changes, fear not.

The sky (love) is constant.



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