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soul hygiene

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only moved. Emotional energy is no different. It intends to be moved, not ignored or denied. If you do not consciously process these emotions, they will seek their own way out of the system, and they will grow louder and louder until you respond to them. These repressed energies act out in a number of different ways, including manifesting themselves in physiological symptoms—chronic headaches, gastrointestinal pain and dysfunction, muscle tension, joint pain, etc.

While you should of course always consult with your medical professionals, if you are having a hard time resolving your pains through conventional means, consider whether or not the origin may be emotional in nature.

Psychosomatic presentations of pain and discomfort in the body are no less “real” than other ailments of the body. Don’t believe that they are somehow less painful or challenging than physical maladies of other origins, but respect that to truly resolve—not mask—them you will have to allow for conscious connection and movement.

Your soul will relentlessly work to get your attention, and it has a number of channels to employ, including your physicality. Please regard and tend to these specific kinds of pains at least as lovingly and deliberately as you would any other injury.


Dearest You,

Assess for how often discomfort in the body is an extension of discomfort of the soul, so that you can heal at the real source.



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