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guiding principle

Worrying about what to do? Angsting over what decision to make, what to say, what to think, how to proceed, where to go, who to go with, what to be, what to dream…?

It’s so easy for the fear-based ego to get snagged in the trap of trying to navigate the “right” thing, presumably as means to preserve safety and garner love and validation. However, in most cases I rarely observe people truly struggling over real moral dilemmas.

Rather, we agonize over determining THE ONE path, when there is no such thing.

There are infinite solutions, options, routes and identities; any of which you’re free to reroute at any moment, and a consciously lived life will experience a significant amount of rerouting and reinvention.

So how do you decide? First of all, stop trying to reason your way through pro vs. con list making. While this tool has its place, generally the mind can rationalize any reasonable decision, so you’re just going to frustrate yourself trying to make decisions based upon pseudo-mathematical equations.

Rely instead upon your intuition, the feeling in your heart center, and your ability to communicate with your highest consciousness. When overwhelmed with decoding even that, remember above all else you are here to be yourself, which is inherently LOVE. Little more matters in terms of your experience and fulfillment than moving in a consciously loving manner, and rarely can you veer far from your soul’s intentions if you’re following the energy of healthy love.


Dearest You,

When in doubt, just remember that first and foremost you are all here as ambassadors of love.



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