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strength in vulnerability

Have you ever had a moment of “weakness” when you were so sad, scared or overwhelmed with emotion that you surprised yourself by reaching out to someone else?

That moment of perceived “weakness” was anything but; it was a moment in time when the strength of your authentic self found an opportunity to break free from behind the defensive walls of trying to appear like everything is “fine” or that you “have it all together.”

When the moment was over and you felt more calm, how did you feel about having revealed yourself to another? If there was any anxiety or shame, please know that was nothing more than the fear-based ego feeding you distorted and entirely unfounded stories.

Instead, feel proud of yourself for having risked your vulnerability, and for having allowed the opportunity for meaningful love and connection with another. It is through these moments, big or small, that the most profound and powerful relationships in life are built.


Dearest You,

Give yourself permission to need without the consequences of shame and anxiety for having risked your vulnerability.



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