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inhale the love

We give the thoughts in our heads way too much credit. The wheels turn and turn, and we presume we are getting somewhere. Yet, if we really map the course we have traveled, especially when we are anxious, we’d most often find we have only run ourselves in circles.

Rather than sending the MIND to chase down salvation and peace through an intellectualized solution to the past or future, move to your heart center and allow for connection with your SOUL in the present moment.

Breathe. Be still in your body. Receive communication from all of your senses.

In the present moment you are rarely, if ever, in imminent danger. Fear is typically about something that happened in the past or that you’re worried will happen in the future. Getting out of your head by anchoring yourself in the present moment allows for liberation of anxiety and distress while creating opportunity for the flow of energy and connection to intuition and love.

Ultimately, the intuitive wisdom available to you from your soul (not the fear-based thinking of the ego) and its gifts of loving energy are what you truly need most.


Dearest You,

Salvation and peace are available simply in getting out of your head and into the present moment.

Inhale all the love.



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