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moving and shaking

Conscious movers and shakers of the world like you are always in pursuit of the next opportunities for growth, change and self-actualization. Whether the stakes are big or small, it’s easy to become frustrated when it seems like life isn’t opening doors or reorganizing itself according to your plans.

I encourage you to watch for and trust the flow of energy in life to guide you. However, lack of movement doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’re pursuing isn’t worth your endeavor. Rather, you may be focusing on a piece of the plan that isn’t yet ready to move. Keep a creatively open mind and heart. There are numerous paths to the same destination. Find opportunities where you can make small changes and discoveries, and as you continue the path, you’ll learn to trust that in their own orchestrated time and manner, other pieces will begin to shift, evolve and move with you.

Remain committed to visualizing the general idea, feeling or experience you desire without becoming short-sighted by attaching to any specific plan, detail or end result.


Dearest You,

Like Jenga, movement is always possible in life if you keep looking and don’t get too attached to any piece in particular.



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