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your call

We’ve spent some time talking about how important it is to feel all of the feelings, that you have permission to access the gamut of human emotion, and that you ought not overly-identify with the emotion(s) you’re currently experiencing. All of these are critical concepts to remember, but it’s equally important to recognize that there exists a fundamentally loving, grateful, joyous nature at the core of you that is inherently accessible.

You are the creator of your experience. Every moment of your life you decide whether to access this love and the ultimate happiness and gratitude that comes with it or remain overwhelmed by the fear based thinking and feeling of the anxiously aching ego.

You’re always the boss of you, the narrative you’re writing, and the path you’re walking.

You choose to live a conscious existence or not.

You choose to build yourself and others up or not.

You choose to be open and loving or not.

You choose to act reactively or defensively or not.

You choose to focus on gratitude and opportunity or not.

In doing so, moment-by-moment of each day you are choosing to allow yourself happiness or not.

You deserve the best. Take responsibility for it.


Dearest You,

There’s basically two options available:

  1. being happy

  2. waiting/wishing/scheming to be happy

Your call.



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