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unsung hero

HOPE: One of the most understated powers in the human experience. Whatever distress, heartache, conflict, uncertainty, disconnect, pain, etc. you face, your relationship to hope is one of the most important factors at play in determining both your experience and your capacity to see the experience through.

Without hope, how do you cultivate the faith that things will grow and evolve?

Without hope, how do you believe in the authentic capacity of yourself and others in the face of fear-based defenses of the ego?

Without hope, how do you begin to trust that which is currently painful to give birth to greater gifts?

Without hope, how do you vulnerably step out into the unknown again and again and again?

Hope is the key force in the courage, resiliency and dreaming power vital to a conscious and thriving life. Regard your relationship to hope accordingly by being thankful to hope and acknowledging and feeding it daily.

Reinforce its role in your life by celebrating all that hope has supported you through. Consider keeping a celebration log of the times hope had your back and surprised you with outcomes beyond your wildest dreams. Nurture your connection to hope with regular gratitude practices where you bring into consciousness the bounty of love and abundance already available in your life.

Do these things not because the energy of hope requires it, but so that you remain in constant connection to the energy of hope. You’ll want it at the ready always.

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