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liberate yourself

How heavy is the weight of your regrets, your stories about inadequacies, or your anxiety about what you SHOULD have known or done in hindsight?

From the human perspective it is impossible to know and see everything in advance, and there are times when the fear-based dynamics of the human personality will get the best of a given situation.

However, this doesn’t make you less. NOTHING can make you less. Whatever secrets you carry and whatever diminishing you do to other’s love for you because “if only they really knew….” they have no bearing on the nature of your soul.

Bring these human wounds and stories into the light. Shame cannot survive in the light and energy of love. Claim your whole journey. Own the lessons you have learned along the way and honor the course by embodying all of yourself.

Once you own and work through the energy, there is nothing that happens in life that you need to resist, shy away from, dim your light for, or resist your inherent lovability because of.

Liberate yourself and allow for the infinite power of love to not only heal your pains, but to propel you even further into your innate greatness.


Dearest You,

You are so much MORE than any shame you decide you need to carry.



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