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do you first

How quickly will you return a text or email? How responsive are you to people’s requests for your time or assistance? How dutiful are you with managing your to-do lists? What is your follow through rate for doing what you say you will do for others?

Once you really answer those questions, consider: What’s the response time for you? How long does it take you to respect your body’s cues for food, water, sleep or rest? How committed are you to scheduling time for what nourishes your spirit (meditation, time in nature, creating, exercising…)? What’s your follow through rate for doing the things you say you want or need to?

If you’re taking better care of any-(much less EVERY)-one else, there’s a problem. In fact, it’s the root of nearly all your obstacles, challenges and heartaches.

Love abundantly and generously, AND recognize that you cannot give to others what you haven’t yet given to yourself. If you try to, eventually the energetic debt will catch up to you in physical pain or illness, disconnect from both your intuition and your vitality for life, resentment towards others, and so on… None of which serves anyone.

Lovingly do you first, and everyone around you will reap the benefits.


Dearest You,

Curious-What’s your response time and follow through rate for taking care of you? If either is better for any-(much less every)-one else, recalibrate NOW!



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