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it's your prerogative

Ever find yourself holding on too tight to something that no longer serves you or to a past experience that is no longer actually available?

Change is entirely inevitable. Every second of your life everything within and outside of you is growing and evolving. Our greatest suffering comes not from the actuality of changes, but from our resistance to accepting this flow of energy.

Largely we resist out of fear—most commonly either the fear of the unknown or the fear of loss. Both assume a distrust of life’s process, of our capacities, and a misunderstanding of the simple truth that there are no endings, only evolutions.

Given that the fear based part of us can be so compelling in preventing us from making changes proactively, often we wait to partner with change until, or because, we HAVE to. (In other words, necessity is the mother of all invention.) Yet, if we reflect on the creative highlights of life, we find that frequently the best chapters come AFTER a perceived ending—the end of a job or relationship, or more generally, a seemingly disappointing outcome of an opportunity or plan.

Reconsider instances where you were anxious to accept the “end” of something… What did those transitions allow you (and life) to create and give birth to in their place?

Evolution is a given, so empower yourself to maximize the creative energies it offers. You don’t want to be stagnant anyways. You have far too much living and experiencing to do.


Dearest You,

Reinvention is your prerogative.

Never underestimate the creative power behind the apparent “end” of anything.



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