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seeking balance

I literally cannot think of a time I regret being out in the fresh air, taking a walk, practicing yoga, reading, meditating, eating whole foods, getting enough sleep, drinking water, laughing… You?

If taking care of ourselves is so readily reinforced by all of our senses, then we know intuitively that self-love and self-care are essential to our being. Therefore, we must challenge any and everything we allow to compete as priorities or to confuse clarity about such a critical perspective.

Reconsider your justifications for putting anything or anyone ahead of honoring yourself. As you do, keep in mind that the people and endeavors you love require you to look out for and take care of yourself first and foremost, so using them as excuses only illustrates confusion about the nature of love, energy and relationships.

The fear-based ego is determined to prove worth and secure safety through production and achievement, so it’s no doubt going to argue with us on this point each and every time. However, when we prioritize that which is outside of ourselves, whether it be our to-do lists, our relationships to others, our careers, or our passions, above that which is within us, we create imbalance that’s inherently unhealthy and unsustainable.

No matter how noble your pursuit, you cannot maintain the course without allowing yourself the “selfishness” to fill yourself up too. Ultimately, regardless of how hard you try, you can’t pump from an empty well.


Dearest You,

If you’re struggling to prioritize your time or energy, know that I never hear you regret taking care of yourself.



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