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what are you married to?

I always have at least one mastiff, and were it not for amazing girlfriends who aren’t afraid to call me out on my own nonsense, a review of my time a couple of years back would have indicated that vacuuming was among my top priorities. With a heavy dose of both permission and kick in the butt, I accepted the challenge to decrease my investment by at least 80%. It was hard at first, for sure, but actually not for as long as I imagined it’d be. I was relieved at how much time and energy I reclaimed (and admittedly a later purchase of a Roomba sealed the deal).

Seems simple enough, right? But I think that’s part of why we get so frustrated with trying to make changes: We are so busy looking at the BIG pieces, that we underestimate the impact of the small ones.

What is it that you wish you had more time for? If you take an honest inventory of the 1440 minutes you have each day, how does the list of what you’re prioritizing shake out?

Before you start to make excuses (but mastiffs are so BIG and shed so much more than YOUR dogs… but the hair tumbleweeds just make me crazy… but I CAN’T relax until things are in order… etc.) consider whether those are inherent truths or just stories you’ve gotten familiar with and regardless, whether those are the beliefs you want to shape your life.

You are the boss of you. Seriously. Always. Take charge.


Dearest You,

How you spend your time is a demonstration of your priorities.

Care to make any adjustments?



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