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How often have you convinced yourself of a story about your experience that you later discovered was entirely off base?

This frequently looks like anxiously cobbling together a draft of how people are judging you, disappointed in you, letting you down, rejecting you, etc… all of which is terrifying and heartbreaking for as long as you’re entrenched in the narrative.

Then, when for whatever reasons you’re allowed (or forced) to join your story with other people’s, you realize that once again the fear-based ego has worked you into a frenzy for absolutely nothing. In fact, you’re as loved and safe as ever. PHEW!

This happens to all of us over and over again. Unfortunately, we will never entirely silence the tales of woe and inadequacy of the ego, but we can begin to understand and outsmart it.

We can hear those scary ideas and refuse to buy into them without corroboration from more reliable sources.

We can become savvy enough to always wait until we can see as much of the whole picture as possible before drawing and attaching to any conclusions.

We can remind ourselves that life is subjective and that we have all of the creative liberties to pen the narrative.

And most importantly, we can emphatically declare that we are each worthy of a life filtered through love and compassion, rather than fear and anxiety.


Dearest You,

The stories you tell yourself are often based on at best a very limited—at worst a skewed—perspective. Be cautious about how you invest in these tales.



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