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shake it off

When was the last time someone said or did something that made you think less of yourself? If you’re like most of us, it probably happened recently.

How is it that our positive beliefs about ourselves are so malleable and potentially fragile, especially relative to the negative beliefs that for some reason we clench so tightly?

It’s often easier for us to buy into criticism than it is to accept or believe compliments. Why aren’t we equally skeptical of both? More importantly, why do we allow others to be the authorities about who we are?

It stems from lack of meaningful connection to our authentic selves and self worth.

If you truly know and understand who you are and your inherent value, then other’s people’s feedback is just that—feedback. It’s information to consider and either use to inspire growth and change or to reject entirely, but it absolutely does not rattle your foundation. It doesn’t instill fear or self-doubt. It doesn’t make you feel less than. It doesn’t cause you to quit or abandon course.

You can be insulted, you can fall down, and you can endure “failure” without being deterred from your path once you are anchored in your genuine confidence about your magnificent existence as a conscious, loving, soulful being.


Dearest You,

Genuine confidence is the key to unlocking your resiliency.



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