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i am not a number

Age, weight, savings, debt, clothing size, social media friends, degrees, calories, repetitions, billable hours, scores, grades, likes… none of these numbers ARE you. They can’t even come close to capturing the essence of you, much less determine your worth or value.

How do you quantify love, creativity, connection, magic…? You cannot. Thus you cannot meaningfully measure your soul or your life in this human form.

Reconsider how you evaluate yourself and your life. External identifiers only have as much meaning as you allow them. What is more, all measurements are relative and there is no one right standard against which to compare yourself. You are uniquely you.

You have permission to liberate yourself from the power that any and all of these have over your fulfillment, identity and self-confidence.


Dearest You,

Stop focusing on numbers.

Your magnificence will never be quantified.



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