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lessons on "fitting in"

Most of us feel we don’t belong from time to time – or much of the time. This has virtually nothing to do with us actually belonging and everything to do with how vulnerable we allow ourselves to be. When we are guarded or playing small, it’s easy for our fear-based egos to convince us that we are on the outside, that people wouldn’t like us if they only knew _________, that our perception on __________ is radically different from everyone else’s, etc.

In reality, if we risk being vulnerable enough to open up to one another, then and only then, are we able to feel meaningfully connected and trust that the sense of belonging is real. We have to take our proverbial masks off to know that we are seen and embraced for who we really are, and therefore, it is never that you don’t belong, but rather it is the disguising of your true self from others that creates the illusion of your disconnect.


Dearest You,

You’ll never truly feel that you belong while you’re still trying to fit in.

Always be unabashedly you!



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