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don't be a know-it-all

Fear based-thinking erroneously believes that safety comes from knowing… ideally from knowing EVERYTHING. As a result, it will try desperately to convince you that you need to know EVERYTHING before you make a move, especially a big move.

Yet the reality is that you absolutely cannot know everything, least of all before you even start to engage. So what is the fear-based brain to do? Generally it attempts paralyze action. It will come up with all sorts of ways to inhibit you from actually doing something—convince you’re too tired, too sick (that anxiety will cause stomach and headaches after all), berate you to the point of losing any confidence, distract you with a million things to do instead/before, tell you TOMORROW would be a better day to start, etc.

You cannot silence the fear, but you can make sure you don’t let it take charge of you. Acknowledge the reflex to resist the vulnerability required to step into the unknown and then allow your soul to gently remind you that you need not make any decisions beyond the very next one right in front of you. Let your intuition assure you that you know enough for the next step and that in doing so, you’ll be more informed for the next and the next and the next.

Also, don’t forget that you always have permission to change your mind, turn back around, or find a new direction entirely. There are no real “mistakes” or “failures”, just different means of learning and different paths of exploration.

The most important thing is to continue to engage in life and to honor daily living that is in alignment with your highest consciousness and nourishes your soul.


Dearest You,

Trust that what you know right now is enough for the decisions ahead of you today. You only move one step at a time.



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