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feedback loops

You are simultaneously a product and creator of your environment. It’s imperative to understand the nature of both sides of that interaction.

Your environment is having a significant impact on you—where you live, the energy of the people you spend time with, the connection to the work and play you do are all major players in the way you experience yourself and life.

Misunderstandings about these relationships occur when we either take responsibility for more than our fair share in life, or we grossly underestimate our capacity to impact the environment and systems we are in.

We are never actually trapped in our circumstances, because there is always opportunity for change. Granted, we may not have the type of control we believe we want (usually to control other people or outcomes), but there is always some degree of change we can initiate. Always.

Despite how stuck you may feel or how scared you may be of the unknown, you cannot will yourself to thrive in any and all circumstances. There are times when change must happen in order to be the healthiest, most thriving you.

From small things like tidying up your living space, standing up straighter or making more coffee dates to big things like ending relationships you’ve outgrown, quitting jobs that deplete you or leaving cities that have you stuck in ruts, shifts are abundantly available.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t live in a vacuum by yourself and you’re never powerless over your life. Take responsibility for the energy you contribute to your environment, as it always comes back to you, and recognize your ability to navigate around the things you cannot change.


Dearest You,

You are part of systems and environments larger than yourself.

Be mindful of your effects on the feedback loop.



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