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pillow talk

How many nights do you fall asleep recounting all the things you accomplished and all the ways in which you are proud of yourself?

Only able to focus on a limited number of things at a time and generally conditioned to be efficient, the brain is inclined to notice the things that aren’t yet done or haven’t been done correctly over that which has. Adding to the complication, your mind has a consistent bias, multiplying the weight of each criticism above and beyond any comparable positive thought.

This process is as ineffective as it is hurtful. The habit of disapproval and negating yourself only drains you of energy and undermines your inclination to grow and thrive. All of which makes you more inclined to hide in your defenses, even from yourself.

Meanwhile, love always facilitates greater development, and the deliberate recognition of your effort, intention, and abilities, will allow you to actualize infinitely more of your potential. This experience of being sincerely seen and honored will inspire greater trust, intimacy and connection to your soul, which will allow you to live an authentic life inspired by your dreams rather than dictated by your fears.


Dearest You,

The ratio of compliments to criticisms you give yourself is an indicator of the health of your relationship to your soul.



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