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fire your pr manager

People will misunderstand you. People will likely misrepresent you (at one point or several).

These are not your concerns.

Your job is to be responsible for your intentions and your process, not to attempt to manage the stories people tell about you, much less live a life so small that no one notices you enough to say anything at all.

Healthy, loving people who warrant being in your inner circle will give you room to grow, change and make “mistakes” all the while growing, learning and assuming the best of intentions right alongside you.

People who get snagged in judging or shaming you are only caught up in their own fears and misunderstandings about themselves. Their inability to see the best in you or offer you grace in your learning curves mirrors their unwillingness to see the same light in themselves. There’s no value in living under anyone else’s limited love for him(her)self.

You don’t have time or energy you want to waste worrying about other people’s narratives of you—you have far too much living and loving ahead!


Dearest You,

The point of your existence here is definitely not to manage your PR.



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