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collect love filled stories

On my drive to the office Monday I saw a man standing guard over his cat in his front yard simply so the cat could have time to explore and play safely before he left for work.

It made my heart burst.

I didn’t stop to ask this man what he was up to, so clearly I am assuming all of the meaning of what I observed. Perhaps I have it all wrong, but selecting what we choose to notice, crafting a story about those observations, and by and large believing them to be true is what we do all day every day.

This silly moment made me remember that kind and wonderful things are happing ALL. THE. TIME. It’s just a matter of making it a point to watch for them and allow ourselves to be filled up by the loving energy they provide.

There is so much we cannot control, but being conscious about what feed ourselves and choosing love and joy more often than fear or pain is absolutely in our hands.


Dearest You,

Collect small moments of kindness and love throughout the day to nourish yourself like oxygen to your soul.



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